Tucker Model Car

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The Tucker 48 (named after its model year, 1948) is an automobile conceived by Preston Tucker while in Ypsilanti, Michigan and briefly produced in Chicago in 1948. Only 51 cars were made before the company declared bankruptcy and ceased all operations the following year. The 1988 movie “Tucker: The Man and His Dreams” is based on the saga surrounding the car's production.

The Tucker had several unusual features including a rear engine rear wheel drive configuration, a first in the USA. The most recognizable feature of the Tucker '48, was a third directional headlight (the so-called Cyclops light). Centrally located, it would activate at steering angles of greater than 10 degrees to light the car's path around corners. A perimeter frame surrounded the vehicle for crash protection, as well as a roll bar integrated into the roof. The windshield was made of shatterproof glass and designed to pop out in a collision to protect occupants. The car's parking brake had a separate key so it could be locked in place to prevent theft. The doors extended into the roof, to ease entry and exit.