Pilgrim Cut Out

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A pilgrim is a person who goes on a long journey often with a religious or moral purpose, and especially to a foreign land. We usually think of The Pilgrims as members of a Christian religious community that came to America 1n 1620, landing at Plymouth Rock in what is now Massachusetts after 65 days at sea. They were Puritans who had separated from the Church of England, and were seeking religious freedom. 120 passengers crossed the Atlantic Ocean on the sailing ship Mayflower, however there were only 47 left alive after the voyage and several months in the new world. About a third of the passengers were the Puritan Separatists. Other passengers were hired hands, servants, or farmers recruited by London merchants, all originally destined for the Colony of Virginia.

In the fall of 1621, the colonists marked their first harvest with a three-day celebration. The local Indian chief and 90 of his men joined the English for feasting and entertainment. This celebration eventually morphed into the holiday we know as Thanksgiving.

Over the next six years, more English colonists arrived and many of the people who had to stay behind in England or Holland when Mayflower left England were able to join their families. By 1627, Plymouth Colony was stable and comfortable. Harvests were good and families were growing. In 1627, about 160 people lived in Plymouth Colony.

What color were their clothes? Usually portrayed as black.