Angkor Wat Model

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Angkor Wat is a temple located in Cambodia. It was originally built about 1150 AD as a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Vishnu. It gradually turned into a Buddhist temple and is still used for worship today. Five million tons of sandstone were used without the aid of any machinery, as there was no machinery available at that time. The temple sit in a 400 acre complex of over 1,000 sandstone temples and palaces. Angkor Wat means "City of Temples" in Khmer, and it is largely in ruins. The temple walls are decorated with thousands of storytelling bas-reliefs and carvings representing important deities and figures in the Hindu and Buddhist religions and key events in their narrative tradition. Parts are overrun with trees and other vegetation, and have turned a blackish color. A 3 day pass to explore the complex costs $62, and two million visitors visit annually.