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world trade center monument, wtc memorial, world trade center memorial

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world trade center memorial model, world trade center monument proposal

I received many requests to make a World Trade Center paper model. But, quite frankly, it just didn't seem right to do so, at least right now. Maybe later, after the horror of this event fades.

Instead, I am presenting my idea of a memorial to the World Trade Center and all who died there.

The two monuments would be pyramid or "spire" shaped. The base footprint would be exactly the same size and dimensions as the base of the original towers, 210 feet per side. The height would be the same height as the original towers. 1,360 feet. The two spires would soar dramatically from the city, as did the original twin towers.

The two structures would not have commercial office space, they would be only simple but majestic spires within a park.

The area of the park would comprise the entire 16 acres of the original World Trade Center complex. There would be pathways, trees, streams, and water fountains - a very peaceful place.

Although, the structures would appear at a distance to be made of solid metal, they would actually consist of 6,338 separate panels to commemorate each person who died there.

The "skin" or panels of the two world trade center monuments would be of burnished stainless steel and would shine brightly in the sunlight. The entire exterior would be lighted so that at night, it would glow and could be seen for many miles.

The top 50 feet of each monument would encased in glass. Inside this portion would be great beacons that would rotate, like that of a lighthouse, and whose beams could be seen for hundreds of miles.

The technology does not exist to actually build this World Trade Center memorial - there are a number of reasons why it may be impossible to ever build a structure of this shape and height. But just thinking about it gives me some comfort, and I hope it does so for you also.

September 24, 2001

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