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Above are easy instructions on how to make a paper water balloon. Below is a video tutorial.

Although a water balloon can be made to any size, water balloon over 10 inches in diameter, although potentially quite entertaining, have a limited effective range due to their weight. Also, please bear in mind that a water balloon becomes 'active' as soon as it is filled with water. Water causes the paper to become fragile and the water balloon will disintegrate and fall apart. The mean time between activation and spontaneous-disintegration is about 10 seconds, so once activated, let 'em fly. Disintegration time can be extended with the use of a paraffin impregnated paper, but no concrete data on this is available. Paraffin also tends to strengthen the paper, which allows for the delivery of a greater payload. This is a field for serious experimentation for those so inclined to do so. Please report any data obtained from these tests and it will be included here for the benefit of other enthusiasts.

If you are interested, here are the 'fully-activated' weights for various ball diameters:

Video tutorial on paper water balloon construction

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