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Boggs Bill Facts:

This isn't a paper fold-up, but I thought that you would enjoy it anyway. For those of you who are not familiar with J.S.G. Boggs, he is an artist who, since 1984, has explored the concept of money in his artwork. The bills above were drawn entirely by hand using a fine tipped Bic pen, as are all of Bogg's works. Boggs works are so amazingly accurate that they are highly sought after by collectors (and scrutinized by the U.S. Treasury Department and other agencies worldwide). The story of Bogg's life and art would fill volumes and is beyond the scope of this web site, but you can get more information on this fascinating man from the definitive book, "Boggs: A Comedy of Values" by Lawrence Weschler from Click Here to see a photo of another Boggs work of art.

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